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Role: Name: Telephone (01380):
VicarAli Bridewell739064
Church WardenJanet Molland727716
Church WardenKeith Thorman829809
Licensed Lay Minister Liz Starling 725658
Associate Minister Renče Coulson 725208

Church Secretary Sheila Gover 727978
TreasurerCharles Markus720716
Verger and LPA Pam Dewey 724297
Lay Pastoral Assistant Patricia Trotman 727578
Lay Pastoral AssistantSteve Dewar07930 982520
Choir and Music Sheila Anderson 723183
Youth Worker Steve Dewar 07930 982520
Open The Book  Keith Thorman 829809
Messy Church and Holiday Club Fiona Walker 727327
Five Lanes School office number 723068
Bell Ringers leader Peter Bushell 724779
Flower Arrangements Rae Twiney 726330
Parish Magazine Nesta Pudney 500098
Web site Fiona Walker 727327

Parochial Church Council Members:  Janet Molland, Sheila Gover, Charles Markus,
Pam Dewey, Diane Robinson, Robert Hunt-Grubbe, Ian Baldwin, Keith Thorman,
Nikki Goves, Rosemary Burton, Steve Dewar, Michael Pratt

Ali Bridewell

Hello my name is Ali Bridewell and I am pleased to be coming to serve you as the new priest-in-charge of the newly formed Wellsprings Benefice and the churches of Potterne, Worton & Marston, Bulkington, Seend and Poulshot.  My husband Stu and I are really excited to be called to join you at this exciting time in the life of all your communities.

 I once heard a theologian say “a church is not defined by its edges but by its centre. It is like a farm with no fence where all are welcome”. I pray that our churches will continue to be places like this, where people will be welcomed to come, share, and eat with us. Where we will rejoice with those who come, and seek to understand, to walk alongside and ask what we can do for those who are not yet familiar with the one whom we love and serve. I pray that we will be faithful and really listen, so that we can hear the things that God is concerned about within our communities. I was asked recently what is my favourite bible text; what is the one you would always want to take with you? My answer would be the one that talks about loving God and loving your neighbour (Mark 12:30-31). I think these are the most important things we need to do to fulfill our calling to the Kingdom of God.

So we are really looking forward to exploring what God is doing amongst you as vibrant, caring and outward looking communities at the heart of the villages you serve. As I write this it looks like we will be moving sometime in October and my Licensing will take place in November (date to be confirmed).

 As a family we are familiar with the beautiful country villages of the Wellsprings benefice, and are looking forward to being immersed within your rural communities and to share in the life of all the villages.   Stu does have a previous link to Potterne, Devizes and the surrounding villages. His Grandfather built and installed the organ loft in St. Mary’s in 1937. His other set of Grandparents owned the local shop and bakery in Potterne.  It will feel like a bit of a homecoming for him.

I’m looking forward to meeting you all and to listening and discerning the exciting plans that God has for us as we develop our ministry within the benefice together.  If you see me out and about do come and say hello and introduce yourself. I will probably be walking my Golden retriever dog called Gracie, she is very friendly and loves meeting people too!

A little bit more about me and my family..

I am currently working for three churches in Salisbury within the Bemerton Parish.  We are very blessed to have three extraordinary daughters (Emily, Beth and Hannah), two wonderful son-in laws (Dave and Ben), and two amazing little grandchildren (Freddie and Jemimah).

Prior to serving my curacy and ordination training, I had a career with the MoD  and worked in a variety of roles. I worked in scientific research, before moving  into business development and marketing, human resources, education outreach and learning and development.

When I am not working I love to cook and spend time with family and friends. I like to walk and cycle in beautiful countryside. I like camping, body boarding, table tennis, musical theatre, canoeing and standing under wonderful waterfalls. I love to read and set up a book group a few years ago, which is still running. I particularly love to read books about spirituality, scripture, culture, mental health, theology and community.


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